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Being charged with a DUI can be embarrassing and stressful. DUI convictions affect your insurance and will stay on your driving record forever.

Penalties for a first offense of DUI include one day of mandatory jail time, a fine and an alcohol treatment course. A second offense within five years of a first offense carries a minimum of seven days in jail along with a fine and alcohol counseling. Additionally, you will lose your license for one year and you may have to forfeit your vehicle. A third offense carries a mandatory jail sentence of 30 days in addition to the other outlined penalties. A conviction of a fourth lifetime DUI offense is a felony and carries a mandatory 13 months of incarceration.

At Reep, Bell, Laird & Jasper, P.C., you will receive the respectful representation you need to help protect your record from DUI offenses. No matter how many times you were convicted of a DUI previously, having a passionate criminal defense attorney by your side can make all the difference. Call 406-541-4100 today to get started.



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